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Work Visa to Partner Visa

Brisbane  |  Queensland

BLS Resources started work with “Pete from Malaysia” in 2011, he was coming to work for one of the largest ICT solutions providers in Australia. BLS Resources obtained a work visa for him in Sydney, then Melbourne. In 2012 Pete wanted a Permanent Work Visa, which we obtained for him in 2013. Pete  then moved to Brisbane.

In 2013 Pete fell in love  and was desperate to  have his future (Philippine) partner in Australia. With careful visa planning and documentary set up Pete was not only able to see his future partner regularly, but in the due course obtain tourist and bridging visas that allowed her to stay and work while waiting for the Partner Visa, ultimately culminating in a permanent visa for Australia.

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Regional Visa

ICT Emerging Company  |  Noosa

“Jump Start” a fast paced emerging startup on the Sunshine Coast located a talented Software Programmer  “Tim” from Latin America studying as a student in Australia .  The Company needed the ability to bring talented staff to the region  more known for its beaches than workplaces  .

BLSResources worked with  Jump Start to obtain the necessary Department of Home Affairs approvals and successfully navigated the approval process for the 457 Work visa . Tim is now  in the Permanent Visa process looking to successfully settle  on the Sunshine Coast of Australia

Leading Edge Technology
Queensland Sunshine Coast Noosa Regional Australia


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ICT Startups

Sydney | Australia

In  2011 BLSResources started working with as soon to be very large ICT firm. At the startup phase it is more difficult to get a Company Sponsorship approved. Seven years later and 100% successful visa rate, the company has an excellent relationship with the Department of Home Affairs.

The company has now gone global with successful operations in many countries. BLSResources were  able to assist the company at its most rapid growth phase as an effective and response supplier.

BLSResources Migration Agents have extensive corporate HR and Management experience enabling a clear translation of the company’s needs into deliverable outcomes. Translating real world deliverables based on Migration Department historical outcomes is important for corporate planning purposes.

Over the years we have had many similar clients. Whether the Client are big or small, the need is real and important .

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Partner & Family Visa

Sydney | Australia

BLSResources started working with “Diego” in 2010. Initially he had come to Australia on a  single 457 Work Visa and wanted to transition to a Permanent Visa. Halfway through the  process a reconciliation change in his relationship status  occurred and he wanted to now bring a Partner and her two children from a previous relationship. Issues such as these can be done linearly or reset to define a holistic pathway. Liner processes sometimes cannot be avoided, but generally cost more.

BLSReources  reset the Permanent Visa  process  added the new partner and children and  created a successful pathway for the partner to enter Australia as a permanent resident all whilst allowing Diego to stay and continue to work.

Same Sex Partners: Australia has had for many years same sex partner visa options in all its visa classes where this is applicable. BLSResources has worked with couples in a many situations, living together/apart, same country separate country, same sex and so on. Tell us your story to see if we can help. Your Privacy is guaranteed by the Act.

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Global Company Visas

Over the last  20 years BLS Resources has worked with companies whose turnover is in the billions of dollars. Often these companies will use global legal firms which are very good with corporate legislation but generally not focused on Visa legislation or rapidly responsive which is needed. Our internal expertise of HR and Management in large global companies allows us to understand corporate needs, philosophies  and “politics”. While each is different, being able to bend to the Clients needs and not  dictating process we have found  assist large organisations.

Recently a 20+ Billion Asset Management company needed fast tracking a  CEO for a permanent visa  legislation changes were going to cut off future pathways. Large global companies need to  ensure short term visitors are not caught working on the wrong type of visa.

BLS Resources provide a critical  corporate watch to keep its large client compliant with legislation.

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Childcare Visas and Secondary School Visas

BLSResources for the last 10 years has serviced various childcare centres. As the need for two parent working families increases, so has the demand for qualified childcare teachers. Generally this is manifested by the company sponsorship, work visa pathway, with or without families and partners.

These business are still businesses, but operate in a different mode to the structured financial sector, or the freer willed but dynamic high tech industry. However their need is a s real and as urgent. Kids need teachers and there is a shortage. BLSResources has had a 100% success rate in servicing the needs of its Childcare clients.

The same has applied to the Private School sector particularly short in supply of quality secondary school teachers often in the STEM subjects. We have been successful with multiple schools to get fast tracked Teachers through in time for the school year.

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